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let the light in.

23 Oct

Let The Light In


Found myself in the dark

On the floor spread out thin

Dark and dank

The curtains are drawn

The light doesn’t exist

Not in this place


The floor is cold

Hard and unmovable

I try to crush it with my fist

It doesn’t move

I collapse

The hurt keeping me down

The curtains are still drawn

Where is the light?


I begin to move

My body stirs

Feeling light and unlike myself

But somehow one foot moves in front of the other

I’m shaking cold and naked

The ground beneath stands still

But I’m moving


My eyes sting

Burning and rimmed with red

Blinking hard and confused

Because in the distance I can see it

There is a crack between what was and what will never be


My breath is heavy

My chest is panting

And my heart is racing

I reach up towards the sky

My hands shaking


Then in the quiet

I exhale

The curtains open

And there is the light


My eyes no longer hurt

My body is no longer shaking

And I feel the warmth of what is

And all that will be

The light is here

It exists in this one place