Daily Prompt: Release Me

20 Oct

i think I was most afraid to post my very first blog. I am very new to this whole blogging world, I just started a few weeks ago. My first blog was an introduction to myself and I was quite nervous about what I wanted to say. Because I wanted it to be real, authentic and so that people might know who I am without quite knowing who I was yet. Especially since I’ve been going through a rough time the last five months and the people who are closest to me have been privy to such information so, I thought about how do I go about telling others about myself without sounding too…I don’t know, whiny or just like some crazed person?!?

hopefully i didn’t sound like either and i was able to shed some light on my current experience, who i am and who i am growing into. and i think once i got over that initial fear, and i looked at all i had written when i was finished writing it and i did feel a little bit freer. actually, i think it was when i was looking at my experience rather than my words when i felt free. and it made me feel like i could continue to have that exact same feeling the next time and the next time when i posted my blog because that is what it is to me. it’s a place for me to feel like i can really put my experience to paper without hesitation or judgment. they say the truth will set you free…


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