8 Oct

This is a great blog that I am following. Really loved the subject matter today! 🙂

Laughably Unqualified

Every weekday, between 5:00 and 9:00 pm my wife receives a very similar string of texts. These usually consist of “I miss you”; “I don’t want to be here right now”; “I hate this”. As you might have guessed, I’m at work between 5 and 9 pm every weekday. To this predictable string of texts, my wife fires back her own predictable responses: “I miss you too”; “I’m sorry babe, I wish I could help”; ” I love you, it’ll be ok”. Who can blame her? After all, I’m only complaining.

Nobody likes to think of themselves as a complainer. It has bad connotations. A “complainer” is someone who is never happy, but rather than do something about it, they just complain. They’re annoying, depressing, and altogether not fun people to be around. But it can be very helpful to recognize if you are a complainer.

By recognizing yourself as…

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